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Leo International offers a comprehensive array of staffing and consulting solutions serving clients across the globe. With professional officers and staff who have been in the recruitment business for more than 10 years. We offer a range of highly experienced, qualified, and motivated human resources and services, maintained by professional and trained staff to build a long-term bond of trust with our clients. For over 10 years catered almost all categories of highly qualified manpower to various establishments, especially in Gulf Region. We also maintain representative in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Oman, Russia servicing employers when there arise demands for manpower. Manpower in the main thrust of our business. Our workers are and will always remain as our major asset, a vital force that realizes our vision. For this reason, we tied up with select technical training and testing centres that evaluate every individual to help him realize his fullest potential.

We hold it a task that our management be fully aware of the rigors as well as the benefits of change. Our attitude is one that looks to the future not as business as usual. A vision of continuity in an environment where opportunities and challenger meet, call for effective management skills, operational efficiencies and manpower strategies that go with the globe.

We understand the critical leadership and natures talent for our clients and have a strong track record of helping global companies create sustainable and innovative leadership strategies. Our research and experience have taught us that while leadership talent is in short supply around the world, a handful of companies are still able to groom a near-constant supply of world-class leaders year after year. This capability indeed gives them a unique advantage over there competitors and makes there business more sustainable.

We are committed to being your single source for staffing solutions that are specialized, diverse and scalable with our dedicated and hardworking team that has allowed us to build a recruitment process sufficiently sturdy to exceed our Client’s and Candidate’s expectations.

Leo International helps you boost your HR effectiveness, efficiency and bottom-line results. Our consultants analyse your precise needs and identify opportunities to focus your resources on critical HR issues that drive business results to an optimum level.

Why Indian Man Power are the best Employees in the world?

Through our regularly updated and maintained a database, we guarantee ready availability of ideal professionals; for every position our specialty sectors. We adhere responsibilities right from planning the interview, selection and hiring, to hired candidate’s work-site arrival and performance. Hence, we are industry experts renowned for providing a complete solution for every human resource need

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Why Indian Man Power are the best Employees in the world?

We at Leo International  exclusive services in the recruitment process; outsourcing, professional staffing, organized labour supply and  headhunting. Prospective candidates are thoroughly screened by our industry-specific experts, for evaluation of their skill sets, qualification, previous experience, and cost-effectiveness; to ensure recruitment of professionals best suited to each of the vacancies.

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